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I have always had a passion for food. I have been lucky to live in such great culinary cities like San Francisco, New York, and now Dubai. It has been an amazing experience eating in these cities who boast so many celebrity chefs and Michelin star restaurants serving amazing food which is both beautiful to see and taste.

But then I noticed that after eating out, I would come home and try to recreate what I ate at the restaurant. Although it would not be exact, I would at least try and match the flavors and use the meal as an inspiration to cook for my family. Not only was it fun, but healthy and cost effective as well.

In this technological age, where everyone is so busy and short on time, eating and especially cooking has taken a back seat. People look more for delivery and take away and dining out instead of just cooking at home. In the bargain, we sacrifice health (as portion sizes grow, so do our waistlines!) and more importantly, family time.

So a large part of why I started this blog is that with a little organization and a well stocked pantry, anyone can make a nutritious and healthy meal at home. Even though my mother was a busy working professional, I was lucky to grow up in a household where she always made sure we all sat down together for a delicious home cooked meal, and I hope to share the same experience with my family.



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